Sachs clutch stays engaged when hot

I’ve got a 78 Sachs west lake. Starts easy and runs great all day until I shut it down for a minute. If I try to restart, clutch stays engaged. I can push start with some effort and it will run great again. No excessive tire spin or pulling. I’ve read old clutch discs can be prone to swelling. Once it’s cool everything goes back to normal. I’ve shimmed it to specs but haven’t yet taken a measurement while hot to see what the difference is. You think a new set of “performance” clutch pads will cure this? Properly shimmed of course. I know I should just buy new parts and roll on but I’m a broke mf right now. Just hoping there’s an easy fix because as most of you know, extra cash and time off almost never coincide. For the next week I have only time.

Re: Sachs clutch stays engaged when hot

whattaya mean clutch stays engaged? like if the rear wheel is moving it's turning over? or the opposite. Everything you're saying except "clutch stays engaged" sunds like it's slipping and you just need to buff the pads (take out the pads, sand em so they're not smooth/glazed and have some scuffed up texture but not enough to remove any depth)

That's a common problem with sachs,and something I've encountered a lot and would make it hard to start when hot or after riding somewhere, and also run pretty well once started.

if the clutch was staying engaged, that's another pretty common issue but very different symptoms - it'd be easy to start but it'd die as soon as the rear wheel stopped moving.

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