Motobecane 12v points wiring

I am reluctant to post this as I know this information must be out there, but I can just not find it.

I recently bought 1979 12v 3 coil points mobylette. It came with no wiring aside from wire out to external coil and external condenser. I have no spark at the moment

I've read people talking about 3 wires coming off points, I currently have 2 (one from ign coil, one out to external coil).

My questions are:

-What is that third wire? Could it be condenser which is not inline externally?

-After a lot of searching I found this useful diagram, mentions that adjacent coils must be active for spark. Any way I can ground these or more directly bypass straight to coil or do I need to rig up some sort of electrical system to see what I've got?

BTW - My photos don't show cam or points, but I have them - both new as the old points were worn and cam was cracked (resulted in the mild deformity to ign coil)

Motobecane 12v electric.jpg
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