sand blasting tool

Chris Ranwell /

has anybody tried this sand blaster i found on amazon

Lematec AS118

Need to blast of some chrome and paint on my 1977 Sparta

Re: sand blasting tool

Haven't tried it, but sandblasting chrome off is a bitch. I had an industrial aero-blast cabinet that wouldn't do it unless it was already flaking off.

Also, tried blasting a puch 103 frame and whatever kinda paint they used took forever to come off.

What I'm getting at, is if an industrial blaster wouldn't do it, a cheap tool probably won't, either.

But I'm interested in seeing if that thing works. I don't have my blast cabinet anymore...

Re: sand blasting tool

Roughing up chrome with a sandblaster followed by a self-etching primer provides an ok base for eventually painting. Way cheaper than chrome-plating of course.

Re: sand blasting tool

its not gonna work. harbor freight has the same one but $20 cheaper. the gravity feed blasters suck. I tried to do some tomos wheels that were flaking off and it couldn't handle that. when it didnt clog it kinda worked for like 2 seconds and clogged again and again. I tried playground sand, fine sand, coarse sand and finally walnut shell; they all clogged and this is with an industrial 100gal air compressor. I ended up using a wire wheel on the rims. save your time and money don't get it.

Re: sand blasting tool

Brad William /

I've got a 3.5gpm 3500psi pressure washer with a 14hp Subaru engine. I've been curious about how effective the sand blasting attachments are for press washers. Any experience out there? Obviously it's not reclaimable/recyclable media, so cheaply had beach sand is all youre limited to. But what feedback I've seen online is encouraging.

Re: sand blasting tool

If you use beach or playground sand, get a full-on respirator. That shit will destroy your lungs.

Re: sand blasting tool

You can try with acid. Chrome plating is easly striped with muriatic acid, but usualy nickel plating is beneath chrome and for that one you will need sandblasting

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