Dellorto sha air leak

I’ve detected an air leak at top of my carb (15.15 Dellorto sha), I cant determine if it’s at top meets body of carb or perhaps where bendy cable guide meets the top. I have a new gasket in carb top, hand tightened evenly, and cable guide/bolt snugged down. Has anyone else had struggle getting good seal to this part of carb? Any recommendations?


Re: Dellorto sha air leak

those caps kinda like to be in a certain postion to snug up, hard to explain. Theyll be times ill snug one down and then go," i better check that". cable outside, nothing binding, gasket etc and the second third time it just squares right up. not sure what it is.

Re: Dellorto sha air leak

Can't see your intake hookup but ive had a couple people tell me if you put a touch of Yamabond at the top of the attached screw it helps seal too. Don't put it on intake to seal it, just near the screw.

Re: Dellorto sha air leak

Jason White /

I know exactly what you're talking about pat splat, but unfortunately that's not it. Intake to carb has no airleak captain janeway. I'm realizing it's actually where cable bendy guide meets carb top. Is it common to make a gasket and/or use pipe tape to better seal this joint? Never had to in the past

Re: Dellorto sha air leak

if it bugs u just do big wad of that stick epoxy, make sure its positioned right first.

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