TaoTao 50cc help! SOS!!!!

So I’m new to mopeds, bought my 50cc last summer. Chinese made TaoTao? Anyway, I replaced the carburetor on it and ran it for about a week.... ran a full tank of gas through it and that’s it.... on my ride home from work the scoot literally jus bogged out and died on me. Luckily I was only 2 blocks from home! So now my problem lies in wait. I have checked all electrical and it’s kosher, when I go to star it, it just whines at me and won’t turn over.... any ideas folks? I think I need to replace my petcock because it got clogged.... battery is new, CDI is new, and like I said, I replaced the carb last summer and only rode a tank of gas through it.... I’m stumped! Please help!!!!

Re: TaoTao 50cc help! SOS!!!!

Beach Club Nick /

You probably will get more criticism than help on this forum unfortunately, people here ride and are experts on mopeds (older 2 stroke bikes with pedals) and not scooters. Some people do ride scooters but the general consensus with Chinese brands like TaoTao (they're one of the worst) is that they are way more trouble than they're worth due to extremely low quality. I'd suggest looking for a Chinese scooter forum, or posting this in the off-topic section instead. Good luck!

Re: TaoTao 50cc help! SOS!!!!

Anthony Vargas /

what the guy above said but ill chime in since I've worked on gy6 engines. take apart the carb and clean the jets it may just be clogged , I doubt the petcock is clogged unless you left it sitting with gas for a whole summer , that being said try to manually choke it swell , place your hand over the air filter port and try starting it at the same time , you might need a second hand. also try the kick start if your model tao tao has one , and in some occasion I had to hold the throttle while trying to start it (PLEASE REMEMBER TO HAVE THE BIKE ON THE KICK STAND BEFORE ATTEMPTING THE LAST ONE ) lol thats about all I can say , if the engine itself is fairly new I wouldn't recommend anything else

Re: TaoTao 50cc help! SOS!!!!

Sell that thing asap, and buy a Honda scooter. You will not have these issues.

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