1977 Puch Bogs After Stops

Tyler Durphine /


Having an issue with my '77 Puch (parts below).

70cc treat KIT

70cc hi hi compression head

Tecno BOSS performance pipe

5 dellorto main jets - 80s range

5 dellorto main jets - 90s range

Dellorto PHBG 21mm carburetor

Malossi E12 air filter

19mm PHBG piston port intake

Engine bearings and seals

BLUE hi tension clutch springs

E50 case allen bolts set

Super stuffy racer crankshaft

Domino grips

Giuliari black TWO SEATER

Passenger pegs

Rear shocks

Gold chain for both sides

Brake pads

Magura brake lever bolts

All Cables

Tubes and tires (sava MC1)

Spark plug and spark plug boot

Center stand kit

EBR BLACK maxi forks WITH stabilizer + reinforced top plate

MLM Reinforced swing arm

Forks headset bearing set


Petock, fuel line, and filter

17 tooth front sprocket, 41 tooth rear sprocket (comes with original 45t as well)

Trail tech temp gauge and mount

I've cleaned everything top to bottom, found no air leaks, new gapped plug etc.

Bike starts on single kick, idles perfect, rides well and can reach 45mph normally. However any time I come to a stop light or sign and have to sit for a minute, it bogs terrible and can hardly accelerate off the line. Makes riding traffic extremely difficult.

I am going to take apart my carb again, but recently just did so and seemed to be in good order. Am I correct to assume the idle screw / mix screw on the carb wouldn't really matter in the situation or should I mess with them more?

I believe my jets are good. I ran many, many miles before on this set up and never had an issue.

Re: 1977 Puch Bogs After Stops

If you raise your idle does this fix the problem.

My Puch idles at nearly 2k

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