NC50 Conundrum

today i was riding my nc50 and it was running really well at speed, but after climbing a hill, i heard a pop/grind sound (at this point going downhill) and then it came back smoking up a storm. the smoking eventually subsided. it still rides well, but bogs at 10 mph and doesnt sound the same during acceleration. no new leaks or anything like that noticed yet.

Re: NC50 Conundrum

Jack Rutherford /

what's the oil level like in your transmission now? could be that seal on that side went bad. Actually, I got a feeling you were low on oil before the incident leading to a parts failure. You're seal was probably bad before. Drain the oil and measure how much comes out and report back. I hope the smoke didn't subside because the oil was gone.

Re: NC50 Conundrum

drained the oil from the transmission and that measured 600 ml on the dot

Re: NC50 Conundrum

Trouble with 2-strokes? ALWAYS replace the spark plug first.

Re: NC50 Conundrum

All the signs of an air leak; like Jack said, check the seals (all of em). Hopefully the pop you heard was just a backfire (or the kind where it happens on the intake side - I think there's a term for these - they can be harsh on seals, but I digress) and the grind was a temp lack of oil. Does the grinding persist? If so, we may want to open up the top end for inspection.

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