1976 Batavus VA, won’t climb or idle

Daniel Bilezikian /

Just got my first bike, and I’ve never really worked with a motor before so I’m looking for any help. The bike right now starts and runs well, but any sort of hill slows it to the point where I need to peddle to continue, and leaving off the throttle for any period of time causes the engine to shut off. So far I’ve cleaned out the muffler, since it ran much faster without it attached. I’ve read a bunch of the the repair threads already but I’m not sure where I should start. Thanks.


Re: 1976 Batavus VA, won’t climb or idle

Check Fred's guide, first.

Check the gas tank for rust.

1000 percent check the carb. It will need to be cleaned. I think those run a Laura M48 engine.

Re: 1976 Batavus VA, won’t climb or idle

Josiah Radebaugh /

Yep, Laura M48. With a 12mm Encarwi carburetor. Clean the carburetor well. Also check, when you take off the air filter... Check if the choke is all the way open.

Re: 1976 Batavus VA, won’t climb or idle

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Okay firstly make sure your pipe isn't clogged secondly check your carburetor off the banjo Inlet has a screen Cup in it it's probably clogged after that it would be a clutch issue or a seal

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