2001 Tomos LX Starts but smokes then stalls.

Thomas Fjellstrom /


New here and to mopeds in general. I picked up a Tomos LX in somewhat rough shape a few years ago and I'm finally trying to get it to run properly.

I can get it started, but it smokes a fair bit and then stalls after a short while (seconds to a minute or two).

After a little bit of googling it appears it might be the gasket between the engine and transmission? Any other possibilities I should look at?

Any suggestions for general maintenance and things to look at from tomos owners?



Re: 2001 Tomos LX Starts but smokes then stalls.

Beach Club Nick /

Is the choke sticking, staying in the "on" position?

Re: 2001 Tomos LX Starts but smokes then stalls.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Yeah if it smokes when it runs all the time chances are it's the seal on the crank transmission side it's sucking in transmission fluid making it an over rich condition and fouling the plug you can if you're lucky pull the seal out and put a new one in without taking the whole case apart you can use a hook probe and rip the old one out then daintily not damaging the inner seal play sit properly and use a spark plug socket and gently force it in place

but to really do it right you should do a complete teardown replace all the seals and the gaskets why you have it all apart blueprint slap it all back together and you're good for 40 years

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