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Hey, so I picked up a 2008 ( I think) Tomos Sprint as a non runner/ project/ missing a bunch of stuff. This is my first moped( I currently have a stretched, lowered, rowdy Honda Met that I built up) so I've been researching a bunch about basics, what's missing, tuning, etc. So I've pulled apart and cleaned the carb, drained the tank, pulled off all the janky wiring, and sat and thought about where I want it to end up.

Now for a couple of questions:

What's the minimum amount of wiring I need (including kill switch) to get this running? At the moment I don't want lights etc as I just want to get it running well.

What are these (tubes) for and are they meant to connect to something? (See pic)


Re: New to Tomos life

tubes r oil injection, plug off the oil injection hole on carb if it hasnt been done yet and take a look at wiring diagram in wiki.

Re: New to Tomos life

Thanks Pat, I was wondering about the other intake on the carb!

Re: New to Tomos life

Email us at if you need some help getting the ball rolling. We can get you started off right with your new project.

Re: New to Tomos life

Thanks Daniel. I have some parts,ideas, and things to move forward with but I'm guessing you'll be hearing from me soon enough for advice, work, or more parts. You may even see me ripping round if I get her running as I'm pretty close to your shop...

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