What else could effect idling?

Currently right now my puch starts like a champ but as soon as I let go of the throttle boom it dies. I've checked for airleaks almost positive I don't have any. I've been running through all my jets 96-50 and still can't get it to idle

Location: Denver

carb: sha 16.16 choke lever

jet: currently in it is 58 but i've pretty much have placed a range of them from 98-50

kit: Honestly I don't know I pulled this engine off an old friends bike but I don't believe its stock

air filter

Also I just recently got this carb I was running a 19 phbg clone and it would idle pretty good with that but it did have an airleak around the carb and after getting a hot it would cause the bike to stop idling

video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q0d80u9r4l1el72/moped%20test.mp4?dl=0

Re: What else could effect idling?

double check points n timing, there is an idle jet in the sha below the throttle slide, poke a small wire thru and run an inline filter and a little bigger jet 60's.

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