KTM Foxi 2 speed handshifter (Sachs 505/2 DK)clutch acting strange

hello there.

I have this problem, with my Sachs 505 that when I engage the clutch lever, it makes a strange scratching sound, and the clutch doesn't engage, (like, when I put it in gear, it jumps in while I am still holding the lever in) it's the kind of clutch assembly like this http://www.mopedjunkyard.com/Sachs-Clutch_c_542.html, except that the lever on it, where the cable is attached is a bit different, and also one of the washers at number 14 isn't there. I do not know if that is how it is supposed to be. does anybody know what is wrong? I tried replacing the clutch plates, it didn't have any effect what so ever.

dearest regards

Adam Nielsen

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