restoration begins

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im new to mopeds and I pulled an old franco Morini out of my mothers storage. its sat for at least 10 years that I know of and needs a lot of work. I was testing it to see if it was at least not locked up. the it pedals but stiffly, the clutch seems good but when I engage the lever on the handles the wheels go from spinning ok to locked up and wont move until i let go of the clutch. the piston moves also sluggishly. question is is this thing worth fixing or is the engine too far gone.


Re: restoration begins

Worth fixing ?

Of course it is . Plan on taking it down to nuts and bolts and inspecting everything .

It's the only way you'll be able to find the end of the project with confidence .

Re: restoration begins

Headlight, tires, tubes, chain, tail light lens, seat, air box and filter, cables, gas cap, exhaust, tlc, elbow grease, this bike could be running for a minimum of $225, engine rebuilt for a minimum of another $100 if you know how to do that. That's not a bad price for a running, stock moped. Go for it! (edited)

Re: restoration begins

if your "new " to mopeds i wouldnt touch it unless u want to pay for frustration. id post an ad to trade yours for another moped that runs, sounds weird but it just might work.

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