Brake Sensor???

I was riding my 1976 Puch Maxi last summer when I got too close to a big bush. A branch snagged the brake cables and the brake sensor cable seemingly sheered off at the point where the wires are attached to the brake handle. The moped rides fine without it, but I believe this cable controls the brake light.

I have several Puch mopeds and every one of them has this cable broken off. I can't figure out how to fix them. Is there a part I should be looking for? Or, is it the whole wiring harness? (This cable is part of a wiring harness that has other electrical connections as well). I attached a photo of the part in question. Can someone please tell me what to order? Treat is having a Memorial Day sale and I want to get the right part. Thanks!

puch brake sensor.jpg

Re: Brake Sensor???

Probably Fred /

Take the two pieces out, one that’s broken in the rubber and one that’s broken in the mount and put a new one in, just unscrews/screws in with pliers very simple to do !


Re: Brake Sensor???

Michael Romco /

Thanks Ken! So, it is a brake light switch. Good to know! Better yet, it is available at Treats during their big sale! Thanks again!

Re: Brake Sensor???

Make sure you buy the correct switches for your bike. Treats sells both NC (normally closed) and NO (normally open) switches.

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