Tomos Sprint - Add a battery?

I have a 2018 Tomos Sprint and I was wndering if there is a way to wire in a battery? At low idle, the bike produces so little power that the headlights go out, the blinkers go out if they are on, and if you tap the horn, the bike stalls as you steal the power needed to spark lol. A battery would fix that all. I use my bike a lot at night so yes this is kind of important.

Re: Tomos Sprint - Add a battery?

Something is wrong.

Re: Tomos Sprint - Add a battery?

turn up your idle.

Re: Tomos Sprint - Add a battery?

These newer tomoses have alot of problems.... specifically with the magnets in the flywheel, the cdi...pretty much the whole electric generating and sparky stuff...

Your not making enough power, but you should's gotta be the bad flywheel magnet replace the whole shebang..

Ur gonna have to at some point anyway....

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