Puch throttle help

Jeffrey Quay /

So I am rebuilding a 77 Puch Maxi S (first time rebuilding something) and I got new brake, throttle, and starter cables. I also got new hand grips and clutch/throttle assemblies and I have a few questions.

1. The new clutch handle needs a little nubbin like in the picture but the clutch cable just has bare wires. I've just attached the wires into the old clutch assembly for the time being but can I just get a nub put on? or do I just need a different cable?

2. Trying to attach the throttle cable to the throttle assembly I don't know how to get the cable to fit. This side seems like it needs a bare wire to go through the little hole then tighten down with the screw. Should I just cut the nub off and feed the wire through?

Please help. I thought this assembly was compatible with a puch but it seems the cables are a little funky. Its a lusito throttle assembly I got from DOS Cycles.


Re: Puch throttle help

Jeffrey Quay /

Searching around I guess the nubbins are called knarps

Re: Puch throttle help

Yup. You can buy screw-on knarp nubbins to help you with your starter cable and you can cut the knarp nubbin off in order to thread the cable through that assembly, if that's how it's meant to be fastened.

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