Mobylette starting issues

Picked up a yellow 70's (?) Motobecane Mobylette yesterday. Running an AV7. In decent shape, has spark and compression when turned by hand. I'm willing to bet it will start with a good going through.

I've gone through the procedure of turning the engine engagement switch into the correct position to engage the pedal start. I can't get the pedals to turn the engine over, though. Belt moves, but the drum the belt is attached to won't engage the engine.

Forgive my naivety when it comes to Mobys.

I've gone through the guides usually suggested, but I may need the exact issue explained to me.

Re: Mobylette starting issues

type in motobecane variator on youtube n watch n think

Re: Mobylette starting issues

ur starter clutch isnt engaging. clean and sand the pads...if that doesn't help new ones are in ur future...

do you hear a sound kinda like shhhhhhhhhhhh. like sandpaper on metal? thats the clutch tryin

Re: Mobylette starting issues

Thanks for the replies. Especially after people are reviving posts that are over a year old, and the others are incoherent rambling.

Just needed to figure out how the starter clutch works. The lack of decompression was causing the slippage of the clutch pads. That and the fact that nothing had moved in however long.

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