Magnum Repair/ Moped Mechanics in MA

My magnum started leaking oil at the end of last season. I’ve tried troubleshooting the problem myself, but can’t figure out exactly where the leak is coming from. Flywheel cover was dry when I pulled it off. I have a history of trying to fix my mopeds, misdiagnosing the problem, breaking them even more, and then taking them to Lucky2Strokes so they can work their magic. They were the absolute best, hands down. Now that Lucky2Strokes isn’t open, I have no idea who to bring my moped to for repairs,upgrades, etc. So, who’s the best person to go to, in or around MA these days?

Re: Magnum Repair/ Moped Mechanics in MA

Pike powder coating in Alston.

Re: Magnum Repair/ Moped Mechanics in MA

Nova Motorcycles in Turner's Falls also services mopeds.

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