Batavus m48 issues-

So. Last year I was trying to resolve an air leak I had between my header and cylinder- I installed a super thick gasket I bought from treats and it seemed to resolve the issue- although I have no longer have any power under load- I’ve played with the jets and that does not seem to help- I can get it started on the stand and It will run and I can wind it out on the stand- but as soon as I push it off the stand I go about 90 feet with pull and it dies like it’s too tired- I did check compression with my tool and it’s saying like lil over 50 but that was after I pulled the gasket thinking I could get it back to running again like it was before this current issue- (I’m thinking the issue maybe because of the air-leak being resolved


Re: Batavus m48 issues-

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Okay it looks like it's time for a rebuild firstly the gasket of which you speak is the base gasket for the cylinder correct okay 50 is really low so there's a problem there it may be your rings it may be that you wore out the cylinder that being said check it after which you will see that between the case halves there's a gasket and if you follow that gasket it leads up to that Reed block where the carburetor fits where the case meets the intake is a good place for the leak it will make the Reeds not work right then you won't get that much gas and it basically will stop it from performing look into the case gasket take the engine off and work the flywheel blow smoke into the intake that will give you an idea if the seals are bad or if the case gasket is bad when you put the smoke in the intake roll it through and see where the smoke comes out it should just come out of the exhaust port M48 are the easiest to do a leak down test with

Re: Batavus m48 issues-

im reading that u changed the exhaust gasket, if so....your exhaust probably clogged. pull it apart and clean it goood.

Re: Batavus m48 issues-

Josiah Radebaugh /

That compression is way low if your gauge is accurate. Should be 90-120

Re: Batavus m48 issues-

My gauge may be wack- I have yet to test it with the different adapters the- 50-54 was with the hose adapter I’ll try the press metal one today-

Re: Batavus m48 issues-

Thanks to everyone for replying to this thread- the fb one was no help- and hasn't been in a while- I keep yah posted when I trouble shoot further with your advice-


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