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I'm trying to see what spark plugs I can use in my qt 50 my old one doesn't have a decent spark to it I got a champion ql77jc4 and it was using a bp4hs ngk

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Re: Yamaha qt50

BP4HS is factory. Usually available in stock at AutoZone. About 2.50 each.

Cross Reference list

YMMV with the list, because while OK on heat range and fit for the most part, some of those plugs do not have removable screw tips on the wire/cap side....

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O'Reilly's also. I have ngk in my truck. :)

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Take your ohm meter and read the black wire w/red stripe off the stator. Its a single plug, should be near your ignition coil. Check the resistance on that wire to ground, should be over 300 ohms. If its not then you have a bad charge coil.

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Thanks for your insight Mark. I just acquired a qt50 a few days. In process of assessment. Sure enough my charge coil is bad. Ohm resistance of only 196. Thankfully I was given another qt5o engine , yet its seized, but I was able to ground engine to engine and test its charge coil, boom 346!! Looks like a perfect fit!

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