Starting my first V1 project

After finally "finishing" my first moped build, I'm ready to move on to a 76' Intramotor Gloria Blanco that I picked up for $100 a little over a year ago. It's been sitting in my shed until I could get my daily rider back on the road. Depending on how things go it may become my daily rider as I'm getting a little tired of the 2 speed tomos trans and I've really enjoyed riding my friend's V1 powered gaddabout and safari. I'm ready to ride a single speed for a while.

It's got some issues but it's 95% there. It's only missing the fan, shroud, and tail-light lens. Whoever had it before the guy I bought it from definitely left it out in the rain or something. It's got a fair amount of rust and for whatever reason they removed the nuts from the cylinder head and then just left it. So the inside of the cylinder is rusted to the piston and stuck. Advice on how to get this unstuck would be appreciated.

I was thinking put some PB blaster down the cylinder, tighten the head back down and then turn the crank using a wrench on the flywheel. If anyone has a better idea I'd love to hear it. Crank spins but the cylinder slides up and down the studs with it. The piston and cylinder are now one.

Once I get that off I plan on doing a full rebuild following this guide.

Once it's rebuilt i plan on putting a polini kit on it and more than likely an SHA 15 with matching intake. If I go bigger than that I'll probably use PHBG 19 as I've never messed with mikuni and I've built up quite the collection of dellorto jets over the last couple years. Suggestions on what might give me the best results are welcome.

As far as what pipe i'll go with, it'll probably either be the new MLM proma circuit, zen, or possibly the derbi big muff pipe that dos sells. A friend of mine suggested the last one saying that it should be pretty easy to make it work since it's got the swivel exhaust flange. It's the most affordable of the options I listed so if others think it'll work I will probably go that route.

Before i do any of that though, i want to get the frame rolling and solid. First thing is cleaning the tank as it's definitely got some rust. Next thing I'd like to do is replace those swinger forks. I've heard of people swapping in tomos forks on these frames and was thinking that's what I'd do since I have an extra set or two around. Is this an easy swap where all I'd need to change is the headset or is it a little more involved?

If indeed it is as simple as swapping headsets I'll probably go ahead and do that this weekend so i can move on to other things. I don't mind having to get creative to make something work but I'd like to avoid having to mod the frame if at all possible. I also have a set of hobbit forks available.

I'll be switching the ignition to pietcard CDI. This seems like it's pretty straightforward but i'll add questions later if I have any issues once i get around to that.

I'll be replacing all the cables, brake pads, bulbs etc but again that stuff is all pretty straightforward and i doubt I'll have much trouble with it.

Lastly ( for now ) , if i'm swapping out the front fork I assume I'll no longer be able to use the original front wheel. Since i'm thinking tomos forks, I'll probably run a tomos mag on the front end. I like my wheels to match so how hard is it to make a tomos wheel work on a blanco swing arm? I made a 17" rear snowflake off of a garelli ( I think) fit on a tomos so why can't I make 16" rear tomos mag fit on a blanco? That being said, if it's not very feasible i'll just find a tomos spoke for the front and keep the original rear wheel so they'll still match at least aesthetically.

I've read the v1 rebuild wiki quite a few times and i feel comfortable enough to attempt a rebuild with just that info. I'll probably print it out and keep it nearby on the bench when i actually start it just to be safe.

That's about it for now. If anyone has any tips or tricks for getting this frame and/or engine broken down I'm all ears.

Re: Starting my first V1 project

Here's a video of the stuck piston for fun

Re: Starting my first V1 project

Anthony Lea /

Excited to see you get going on this. I have a Cimatti with a V1 and will be doing a similar rebuild to it. Looking to do 80cc with a liquid cooled setup.

We can keep each other motivated, ha!

First photo is Day 1

Second Photo is 10 days later.


Re: Starting my first V1 project

I will say from experience that going up to an 11T sprocket up front (if it doesnt already have one), 80 polini kit, 14:12 or 14:14 carb and the pipe of your choice will result in a suuuuper fun bike. Even with the stock clutch and ignition. But I'm an old man who's happier with a reliable low-to-mid-40s bike with good acceleration and killer gas mileage than a 50+ mph bike thats super loud and sucks ass to ride around town.

I'd really recommend just starting with the polini (essential!) and a pipe and see how you like it. You might honestly stop there once you ride it. Cannot recommend that setup enough. Definitely rebuild the bottom end though. I've had several V1s over the years and they almost all actually desperately needed a rebuild, an in some cases the crank would have a shitload of endplay. Good engines but they seem to usually be destroyed when I find them.

hmm, what else...oh yeah, clean and loctite the sprocket nut if you do re-gear or take it off for the rebuild. I used to have them slip off periodically. Not the best sprocket retention design.

Also if you stick with points, get a new condensor. No matter what. I've had a 50/50 experience with CEV condensors being good still, and even when they are they tend to blow not long after I start riding the bike regularly. That's good practice with any moped though.

Are the forks damaged? I'd try riding it with them before swapping them out. They work under the same principal as Honda Cub forks which have a VERY forgiving ride quality to them compared to a lot of cheap telescopic moped forks. I only had a Blanco once, briefly, but didn't really find myself wanting a new front end on it.

This is all personal preference stuff really, but the City Bike in my profile is probably my favorite moped I've ever put together so I'm clearly biased...and yeah, it's totally stock other than the cylinder and pipe and a slight re-gear...and the significantly lighter wheels I built (this helped with acceleration too)

Good luck man, It's gonna be cool.

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