85' Maxi "wiring woes"

Hellp gurus,

I'm (obviously) having problems getting the wiring on my 2hp/85' Maxi correct. I'm (at least) the 3rd owner and (at least) ONE of the PO's attempted some "modifications". I've searched extensively and can't find a "real" diagram for this model/year, the closest I can come is for a "Mini Maxi". (It appears) that this model has a voltage limiter/regulator that (according to the mini maxi diagram) goes to the tail light junction, but the wire is yellow (as in goes to headlight junction) attempts at putting it with either the headlight connection OR tail light connection results in pathetically "dim" lights and they both (head and tail lights) shine brightly without it connected. How "important" is this device?

Next question,

Coming from the stator, I have a blue/green wire as well as a solid green, both are powered. When I wire the brake lights "normally" (leaving the blue/green off the block) brake lights function normally, but are very dim. When I add the blue/green at the junction with the other blue/green wires, the brake light is always on (as would figure because of bypassing the switches) . IF I put the blue/green in junction WITH the solid green, I get nice, bright, perfectly functional brake lights. What "harm will eliminating the "regulator/voltage-limiter" do? and what "harm" will leaving the blue/green wired WITH the solid green do as to have good lighting?



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Re: 85' Maxi "wiring woes"

It's not the same man. I've already found this diagram 1/2-dozen times. There is no green/black from the stator, and there is no grey from the stator, the grey from the tail light wires to the yellow along with the headlights. This diagram also doesn't include the regulator/limiter "thingy".

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Can you post a picture of the bike?

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How do I post a "URL" to a pic stored on my PC in the documents folder?

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> Kenneth Hill Wrote:

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> How do I post a "URL" to a pic stored on my PC in the documents folder?

Just below the reply box is a 'choose an image ' button .

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Thank you!


Re: 85' Maxi "wiring woes"

Blaine- The artist formerly known as Plumber Crack "(OFMC)" /

The only harm would be that the bulbs may burn out prematurely. Sounds like the regulator has shorted internally. I have the same setup as yours on my 86 cobra, and yes, the mini maxi wiring is as close as you’ll find.

I’d have to take a look at the blue/green with green thing tomorrow to see what i’ve got.

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What if I replaced the 6v bulbs with 12v of the same wattge? Or install a 6v regulator? I personally like the 12v option better as the lights would be brighter at speed. Any "clues" about the convoluted brake light wiring would be appreciated as well. Maybe the blue/green power wire is there to have the brake lights on dimly at all times, and then when the power from the green coil output is added they come on much brighter? (edited)

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