Monet goyon


I’m building some wheels for a Monet Goyon 50’s moped and need to find bearings and cones for the wheels.

Does anyone know where I can start looking.



Re: Monet goyon

if it has pedals, post a picture. if not dont post a picture.

Re: Monet goyon

Post pics anyway .

It'll generate interest . This thread can always be moved to OT .

You might consider sealed bearing conversion .

Re: Monet goyon

Martyn Hay /

Photos of the parts I’m looking for

The cones

Does anyone have an idea on threads used on french mopeds


Re: Monet goyon

looks beefy, no clue tho....seeing multiple versions of the bike on google...the knowledgeable people here would like a picture of what exact bike you have to help with answering your question.

Re: Monet goyon

Maybe complete measurements would help .

Re: Monet goyon

definitely measure. If I'm thinkin right alotta the French stuff had an odd size EVERYTHING. like nothing quite matches other makes. I think the axles were maybe 11mm instead of the typical 10 or 12 on everything else.

get a micrometer or calipers on it and start from there.

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