Ignition Coil Replacement V1

Anthony Lea /

Very new to the moped dos and donts and was looking for a spark plug wire/cap and cane across this for a little more..

I figured I would ask on here whether it’s possible to use this coil on a Minarelli V1 motor from a Cimatti City bike. I see connections are different but core parts are similar, is this something that can be made to work?


Any constructive criticism is appreciated!


Re: Ignition Coil Replacement V1

Richard Eberline /

Yes it will work, one connection is ground and the other is positive. There are numbers by each connector on the inside. You will need make another hole, or adapter plate.

The blue coil will also work.

Re: Ignition Coil Replacement V1

Re: Ignition Coil Replacement V1

You can use just about any coil you want. Here's a vintage 12v coil off a Triumph motorcycle on my V1 race bike.


Re: Ignition Coil Replacement V1

I like your ignition coil. It looks like it came off my '67 Bug!

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