AMF Minarelli petcock

Does anyone know if the replacement petcock for this bike should flow left, right, down, or back?

Is the lever extended or "long"?

The petcock is on the left side of the bike. The fuel line enters the carburator on the right side. A temporary petcock sits pretty low.

Right ends up close to the frame and down would have the fuel output lower than the carburator input. The plastic cover doesnt offer much room to move the lever.

I'm leaning toward "long" with "left" or "back", but would appreciate an authoritive answer.

Treats is currently out of "left" and I didn't see any "long, back". All they have in stock is "long, down"


Re: AMF Minarelli petcock

It doesn't really matter, all of em can work and you can angle the direction of the lever however you need. fuel out lower than carb in doesn't matter. link the one youre looking at.

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