Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

So i've been working on this old 68-70 Cady for a guy. Cleaned the hell out of it, cleaned up the gurtner carb, etc... (i work mainly on hobbits, definitely an interesting little moped).

Started right up no issue, but it belches black (But certainly runs quiet).

Pulled out the NEW plug and it was wet/black, like my heart...... and it had only gone down the back lane a few times.... Gets to about 15 mph (25 kph) bogs a bit then pics back up.

Clearly needs all the gaskets replaced (probably tons of leaks) but i can't seem to find anywhere that has gaskets for the Cady (only AV7 and others).

Would love any leads on where i can get gaskets for the CADY.

Also, air mix screw is all the way in, idles for a very short amount of time (seconds) then dies... .but i assume its cuz the plug is fowling up.

Re: Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

Cut your own

Re: Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

normally i'd agree, but the cady gurtner carb gasket is ridiculously small, otherwise i would.

(image doesnt show how small it actually is)

Re: Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

i may just have to cut them, appears to not exist anywhere (at least in NA) for purchase. stupid mobys

Re: Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

sounds real rich, u want more air leaks. did u use a drill to clean out the main?

Re: Motobecane Cady - where to get gaskets

yeah its super rich, no i didnt drill them out, i used torch cleaners like i use on my hobbit carbs. I wonder if its that weird float bowl that the gurtners use.... maybe its not working or stuck, but there's no fuel leaking out from the rest of the carb, so i dunno. Really havent worked on moby's (and gurtners) before. Its a Gurtner AR1-10 (edited)

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