Qt50 won't start/run and flooding.

So, I recently purchased a new to me 1982 Yamaha qt50. It was running when I purchased it.

Stripped it down, cleaned everything, painted, new fuel lines, in line filter, turn signals (were missing), headlight bulb, changed oil, new battery, new gas and oil premix, cleaned carb, etc.

Currently does not have an air filter (waiting for one to come in I ordered online).

Put everything back together and it ran ok (topped out at 26mph using Gps app on phone). Rode it to the store and grabbed some beer. When I pulled it in the backyard to put it in the garage I noticed the spark plug wire was arcing near the coil (could see the blue shocks around the rubber going to bracket/case).

I removed the coil and wire (had to use screw extractor and replaced with bolts instead of screws). Purchased heater hose and put that around and wrapped in electrical tape. Put everything back together.

Went to start and wouldn't start. Immediately thought I messed something up, pulled out plug and checked for spark - still there, bright as day.

Determined the engine was flooded. Let it sit overnight, purchased a new spark plug this morning, popped it in and started on the first kick, idled for about 30-45 seconds then died.

Kicked again and started back up and did the same thing, 30-45 seconds.

Kicked again and idled, turned key to run position, hit the throttle and it kept revving then bogging, then revving, then bogging until it died.

Tried starting a few more times with nothing, only ran with choke on and WOT for like 10 seconds.

After this, no luck, and the engine is flooded again.

Any ideas of what is going on?

Bike is completely stock from what I can tell, stock jet in carb, no air filter at the moment.


Dom. (edited)

Re: Qt50 won't start/run and flooding.

Dom Smith /

Got it fixed and running today.

It was the coil, even though I was getting spark.

Replaced coil, started on first kick.

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