Chinese Bing 17mm opinions

Want to put this on my magnum x. Can't seem to find a genuine Bing 17mm anywhere.

Anyone had experiences with these. Seemingly there are 2 variants of far eastern knock-off with one being better quality.

I have the original intake although it's broken around the bolt holes. (edited)

Re: Chinese Bing 17mm opinions

Clone is fine, just swap out the internals for genuine Bing parts and you're good to go.

Re: Chinese Bing 17mm opinions

I've had some weird issues with them. usually I've seen them crack at the clamp, but original bings do that too sometimes.

Another issue is tey don't always take the same size jets, however recently the clones seem to have fixed that issue. Used to be you had to swap the atomized to a standard bing one in order to use regular bing jets.

And things aren't labeled or numbered so you get a jet, that's unknown size (usually 75 from experience - measured w jet drills), unknown atomizer and needle and slide too.

All good reasons why I second swapping the internals. Keep it from a like bike though, don't use 12mm internals in a 17 lol.

Worst issue I had was a bing clone dropped the little metal tab that aligns the slide. it's usually a steel tab inserted through the side of the body to hold the slide aligned. thing fell out and by great luck managed to pop out the other side without seizing the bike but holy hell! not ok!

Re: Chinese Bing 17mm opinions

I think I have a genuine Bing 17

Re: Chinese Bing 17mm opinions

Michael F /

Seen a few available on here. Trouble is I'm in the UK.

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