Moby Stock Variator Shimming

Hey guys,

I was shimming the stock variator onto my rebuilt Av7 motor and was trying to determine how much play I want from the variator on the crank.

Rebel Moby says:


Variator is held in place by virtue of the two circlips and the shim washers. Some are sloppy feeling and some seem tight. As long as it it not touching the carter you are good to go.

What does he mean as long as its not touching the carter? My variator has some left and right play but if I push it to the left (towards carter) it will touch the carter. If I shim it once more and there is no play, like .010 shim, then it would be too tight and be pushed to the carter wall.

I'm thinking of the two criclips on the variator and do not see how I can get the variator to STAY away from the carter. You can shim it so that it gets closer to the carter, but not stay away from it, unless it has slop and slides away.


Side note of how much of a pain these variators are: I installed the variator with a new external circlip from treats, realized there was too much slop and spent 5 hours removing the circlip. 3 snap ring pliers later. A brand new circlip is brutally hard to remove, and it ended up coming out torn apart. I want to make sure that I get the shimming right this time...

Will prob reuse my stock one, a little looser, easier to remove. (edited)

Re: Moby Stock Variator Shimming

French Moby /

The manual says 1mm of play. I'm assuming they mean 1mm of play on the shaft so that could be measured with a shim between carter and variator.

Re: Moby Stock Variator Shimming

French Moby /

Back to tie off this thread.

I destroyed the thinnest shim I had yesterday while removing the circlip.

I took what was maybe .010 .015 shim and sanded the hell out of it. Circlip still wouldn't get on. Today I work I went over to our Lab and found some shim stock.

Took a hammer and punch, punched it out. Looked like shit but I cleaned it up and bam, perfect thickness snap ring went on, variator super snug. I'd say just a little play. .1mm or under. Keep shimming. It's tedious but it'll happen

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