Clutch Bell Bushings for Punjabi Garbage Pile

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

I ended up getting a Hero Puch Turbo Sport the other week and it's a wacky 65cc kickstart single speed that's an Indian clone of a z50 case kind of slapped into a clone of the Astro Daimler Puch body. Budget Porsche!

The clutch itself is very similar in design to a minarelli v1 clutch which is neat i guess only it fits on the splines of the crank which im pretty sure is the same as a z50 crank. I am almost certain v1 springs will fit in there should I choose to ruin another stock bike. It runs pretty well once I cleaned out the pipe, but it still needs a bit of upkeep at 4500 miles or whatever it says on the speedo that's borked.

ANYWAYS, The clutch bell is wobbly due to the worn bushing. So i know the bushings that treats sells for the e50 are a solid brass tube with the holes in it. They are however too long at 15x17x22mm. The one in the Hero is 15x17x15.

I found a bunch of bushings that are probably Chinese trash that fit those dimensions, but they are not solid and have an open joint kinda. they look like this.


I would drill some oil holes in them to get a similar pattern as their forefather bushing.

I guess my question is: has anyone ever tried to use some shit like this and how long did it last until the bike exploded? Should i try the pictured bushings or just cut an e50 bushing down to size? Would the split bushing wreck my crank or bell, i kinda doubt it?

I still haven't decided if i should bother trying to hop this bike up because the gear meshing is very poor and there is a TON of slop between the main gear and clutch bell gear. Both gears look fine so idk. top notch QC india. I still want to fix the clutch bell play though.

I want to get this hog running good and doing sick wet burnouts so i can go pick up hot chicks wearing baseball helmets like in the video.

Re: Clutch Bell Bushings for Punjabi Garbage Pile

Those look like copper plated steel. I'd trim the Puch bushing.

Re: Clutch Bell Bushings for Punjabi Garbage Pile

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

> Frank Bailey (MOPITT) Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I'd trim the Puch bushing.

Im leaning on doing this. I ordered the China bushings but they won't come in for a month.

How can I do it though? Just Mark it and grind it or sand it? I think I'd have to attack it from both sides because just removing one side would put the holes very close to one side and I'd like to keep the big holes in the center.

I'll probably end up getting impatient and doing this anyways.

The current bushing is very copper colored but it's service life has been shit apparently.

Edit: also im not sure what the bushings I ordered will look like. It was just a generic photo. Im assuming they will be similar to the one attached (edited)

Re: Clutch Bell Bushings for Punjabi Garbage Pile

DrGeorgeTompson (Alan) /

Ended up grabbing a few of these:

They are just a hair long, but I am able to just remove the shim from between the clutch and the bell. There's a wee bit of clutch bell end play, but it's no where near as shit as it was with the bad bushing. Neat! If it ends up not lasting, I'll drop a 17mm ID shim in there to lessen the play. I think it'll be ok unless i start pushing crazy rpms.

The clutch shoes are the exact same as a minarelli V1. V1 springs fit as well. also neat! The rivets in the clutch are more beefy than a v1, so we'll see if it explodes.

I can't tell if the clutch bell is just out of round or off center, but my mind leads to off-center. These things are rather poor quality. Whatever, still works. Maybe a v1 bell can drop in? Who knows.

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