Clutch Bell Bushings for Punjabi Garbage Pile

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I ended up getting a Hero Puch Turbo Sport the other week and it's a wacky 65cc kickstart single speed that's an Indian clone of a z50 case kind of slapped into a clone of the Astro Daimler Puch body. Budget Porsche!

The clutch itself is very similar in design to a minarelli v1 clutch which is neat i guess only it fits on the splines of the crank which im pretty sure is the same as a z50 crank. I am almost certain v1 springs will fit in there should I choose to ruin another stock bike. It runs pretty well once I cleaned out the pipe, but it still needs a bit of upkeep at 4500 miles or whatever it says on the speedo that's borked.

ANYWAYS, The clutch bell is wobbly due to the worn bushing. So i know the bushings that treats sells for the e50 are a solid brass tube with the holes in it. They are however too long at 15x17x22mm. The one in the Hero is 15x17x15.

I found a bunch of bushings that are probably Chinese trash that fit those dimensions, but they are not solid and have an open joint kinda. they look like this.


I would drill some oil holes in them to get a similar pattern as their forefather bushing.

I guess my question is: has anyone ever tried to use some shit like this and how long did it last until the bike exploded? Should i try the pictured bushings or just cut an e50 bushing down to size? Would the split bushing wreck my crank or bell, i kinda doubt it?

I still haven't decided if i should bother trying to hop this bike up because the gear meshing is very poor and there is a TON of slop between the main gear and clutch bell gear. Both gears look fine so idk. top notch QC india. I still want to fix the clutch bell play though.

I want to get this hog running good and doing sick wet burnouts so i can go pick up hot chicks wearing baseball helmets like in the video.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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