rear wheel wobble,side play.

this is an update, could not find my last details on the repair forum, someone tell me how to get the section to show up. How ever it turns out that the standard off the shelf whell bearings 28x12x 8mm are useless. the centre whole is far to big, makes a sloppy fit on the axle shaft.

i ordered the correct bearings from jawa, open type no seals so you can get grease in. but the main thing is the centre hole in the bearing is much smaller and a better fit on the spindle or axle, still not a a tight slide fit, but a fast improvement. Put it all back together as standard, except i shimmed the spacers for a better fit. went out for a test ride yesterday, came back, and no side play, wheel spins freely, no binding, i never thought i would cure it, why can,t the makers of these bearings design them to fit snuggly on the axels,

makes no sense to have ten thou gap in the bearing to axle. no wonder we get side play. a lesson learned, don,t be a cheap skate, and buy off the shelf standard bearings, they don,t work. where jawa get the bearings from, and how they get the tighter tolerances made is a mystery. thanks for all your help, paul

Re: rear wheel wobble,side play.

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Re: rear wheel wobble,side play.

WHY do I always forget about Myron's? What a great site he has! I'm bookmarking it right now! Thanks,Slew!

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