Tomos A35 mystery piece

Does anyone know what this is and where it goes. I was replacing a stuck clutch bell and when I was putting everything back together, I saw this piece lying loose in the crank case under the drive gear. Looked at parts break down diagrams and can not find it. Anybody know?


Re: Tomos A35 mystery piece

It's part of a broken clutch spring retainer clip

Might want to check for the other half

Re: Tomos A35 mystery piece

^^yeah, buy some extra and rebuild yr clutches while u in there b4 u ride.

Re: Tomos A35 mystery piece

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Wow you caught that before your whole transmission exploded you can fix that or you can put it back together and let it explode and I found out something recently if you buy the Tomas clutch tool you'll realize which way the collection should be put on and it's not the way they come from the factory the clever bastards they made it so that if you're brought it back for service at a Tomos dealer it would leave and work twice as good as when you bought it

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