FA50 Muffler Gasket not seating correctly

Thank you for the add! I am very excited to be a part of this group. I have three Suzuki fa50 scooters right now. Currently I'm having an issue with the exhaust gasket for the muffler. I ordered an oem part and this doughnut ring gasket came in the mail. I have tried connecting it but there is still a gap and you can hear the exhaust escaping in the gap. I have used in the past the metallic gaskets that have the bolt holes like the picture I have attached. Am I doing something wrong? Am I supposed to have both types of gaskets? Am I supposed to see the silver donut ring still? Looks like a compression gasket and I torqued alittle too hard on the flange trying to seal the gap. Any help is appreciated.


Re: FA50 Muffler Gasket not seating correctly

Mine had the same issue .

I simply flattened the pipe flange . No more leak .

You should clean the inside of the exhaust while it's disconnected .

Dollar store oven cleaner works wonders. Fill the exhaust , let it work . Rinse with garden hose . Repeat .

Re: FA50 Muffler Gasket not seating correctly

Louis Brunskill /

Bang the ends of the flange down flat. On a vice works great, them hit it with a file or on a quick belt sander. Mine had same issues. Normal stuff from being over tightening over the years.

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