What is this carb? Adjustable jet?

Brad William /


I could google xlate but i'm lazy and thought I'd get a quick response here. (edited)

Re: What is this carb? Adjustable jet?

Dirty30 Dillon /

Mikuni VM20 iwith adjustable main.

I have considered buying it, but for the resulting $220 investment you can get a WAY better carb setup.... and/or you're halfway to a smartcarb (i.e. Lectron)

Re: What is this carb? Adjustable jet?

"An adjustable nozzle is a practical tool that correctly used saves both time and money. It gives you the opportunity to quickly and easily adjust the trim for example when weather changes or after you have installed a new trim pipe ... Once you have tested an adjustable nozzle you will never want to be without! "

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