What wheels fit a Garelli VIP?

Title. I'm looking at replacing the wheels on the Garelli VIP Deluxe I just picked up the other day. The ones that are on it are pretty rusty and pitted. I mean, the bike was only $100 but I still managed to get it to turn over, so I feel I'm ahead! Also a big thank you to the gentlemen who replied to my Sachs carb post. I ended up grabbing this instead for many reasons.

Back on topic, the wheels are kind of corroded and I'm not sure I can recover them with steel wool so I'm looking for alternatives.

Re: What wheels fit a Garelli VIP?

Any Italian or tomos wheels will fit. Just bear in mind the wheels go backwards.

Re: What wheels fit a Garelli VIP?

I got tomos on mine, it took some modifications to brake stop and spacing but works. Not a vip, but same wheels. I think you'll need to be 16" wheels. The thing you're mostly looking for is same size wheel or smaller (16s can work on 17, but not usually room for the reverse) and that the chain and brakes are the correct sides, some bikes need brake opposite, some they're on the same side, does it have a separate pedal chain etc.

Everything else is pretty easy to adapt as needed with spacers and washers and such. Also helps to find something with similar size sprockets.

Italian like minarelli morini or other garelli will be easiest, tomos has some neat mags tho but a little extra work

Re: What wheels fit a Garelli VIP?

Angelo Massimino /

I've for sale a 16" mag wheels set.

They need some cleaning/painting job, but I sell them for cheap.

If interested, drop me a email

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