Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

Tomorrow I acquire a 78 Sachs moped, probably a suburban, and it's going to need carb work done to it to run. The thing is, I don't know enough about the Square vs Round Bing to make an informed decision on parts. Does a square use the same kit as a round? Or would it be more economical to grab a Puch carb and tune it? I know I can get a clone carb for $50, but I've seen gasket kits for Puchs going for $15

Re: Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

Very different beast. The only thing that's the same is the clamp diameter, so they both clamp on the same intakes. But all the jets slides needles gaskets and seals are completely different.

The sachs "square" bings are prone to leaking and take more expensive harder to find jets and are more limited on tuning. The tough thing is the puch "round" bings are taller, or rather the bowl is deeper and so it wont fit on the sachs without hitting the engine, so to use a round bing you've got to spacer up the intake. If you've got a C ir D square jug on the sachs, it's easy- the intake is flat and you just need to cut a piece of smooth cutting board or particle board or whatever to get maybe 5mm extra lift. With the A and B theres an angle to the intake that makes a riser just trickier to make, to drill the bolt holes at the right angle or whatever.

Either way, what I would do is get it and try to repair the stock square. Maybe get the sachs rebuild kit, it includes all the carb gaskets ya might need. Most likely the square float bowl gasket winds up being the needed piece if its leaking. If the square carb's entirely missing or very broken, make a spacer and go with a puch carb on the stock intake. The stock intakes unless it's a B jug are 14.5mm so up to 15mm round bing is a good fit.

Much more info in the wiki if ya search 505/1a performance- most all the info there is equally applicable to the 504 or other C, D sachs motors

Re: Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

Kyle Rappleye /

Well the previous owner had it running before her sat it in a barn for a few years. I won't know it's true condition until tomorrow when I pick it up, but at the very least I will need to clean the carb out. Doscycles is out of stock on the carb gasket kit, and the rebuild kit doesn't seem to have the float gasket in it, so hopefully they get it in soon, otherwise I may have to shoot myself in the future foot and use silicone in the temporary. I'll probably pick up the gasket kit anyway so I have the motor gaskets; I'll probably have to buff the clutch plates anyway.

Re: Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

float bowl gasket on a square bing is cork, i've had problems with them leaking in the past.

Re: Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

every non-running bike "ran when parked". usually if you're lucky it's just carb clean new plug and clean points. new tires tubes and cables, maybe a chain and probably some lights and you're golden.

the rebuild kit should have that gasket.

contact them and ask them to check. I believe they have a stack f those kits but in varying states of completeness - as in, some might not have the carb gasket. So they don't picture it but I've gotten some and the reviews state the same, you get more in there often. If you talk to em and make sure it's got the float gasket you're good. But you may not need it. Silicone however will 100% not work. It's good to have the seals (very easy rebuild) and the clutch cover gasket and especially the new oil drain plug screw are always useful.

Re: Sachs Bing rebuild vs Puch Bing replace?

Treats has the float gasket:

But obviously make sure it's needed before purchasing it. (edited)

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