Tomos A3 new Dellorto 15mm carb - no start

I have an A3 that ran great on the original Encarwi carb and factory intake. Started on the first kick. Bought the new intake from Treats that lets me run a Dellorto and now it won’t start. Bought the genuine Dellorto carb from them at the same time. The carb also included the correct bushing for the carb. Spark plug is almost new and sparks well when I ground it to the engine. Notice if I remove the carb and put my hand on the intake while kicking, air seems to be sucking in and blowing out. Compression shows just over 100 psi. Any ideas?

Re: Tomos A3 new Dellorto 15mm carb - no start

You haven't said what jet you have in that Dellorto. ALL important. Stock bike will take a smaller jet probably than they sent.

Re: Tomos A3 new Dellorto 15mm carb - no start

I haven't changed it, so it's what came with it. Think it's giving it too much fuel to start?

Re: Tomos A3 new Dellorto 15mm carb - no start

Yes. You shouldn't need bigger than a #52 main jet in that carb if yer moped's stock.

Re: Tomos A3 new Dellorto 15mm carb - no start

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Without a kit that carb is almost twice the size of the original the original was an 8 millimeter unless you radically port it or get it a kit the volume of air necessary to run that 15 mm isn't really there I mean you can put Band-Aids on it and do all this other stuff but the original one will work better with the original cylinder it is actually designed to go with the exhaust pipe so unless you're changing everything around you won't get any kind of performance gains with a bigger carburetor I would check your seals at the base of the intake and the bass of the engine cylinder you may have a gasket lease leak or a seal leak the gasket leak would be around the engine case on the middle seam if you can find it you could actually fix it with some crazy glue provided it's a small enough leak best way to find it is to take off the cover on the stator side and just run it put it on a stand and run it for a while till it gets hot then you'll either be able to see it if you clean your engine off you will see the oil from where the leak is if it's an air leak you'll hear a sucking sound on your stator side if it's on your tranny side you'll be blowing white smoke

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