1982 Honda Express NC50 wiring short (can't find it, please help)

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The bike starts and runs fine so I believe this issue is isolated to the lighting wiring. When I connect my 6v battery leads, the wiring immediately starts to get hot if I have the key on. With the key off this does not happen. It seems to be linked to the black wire that comes off the 4 way connector at the handlebars that goes through the frame however the only place I see a black wire coming out of the frame on the other end goes to the blinker relay. I've tried connecting the battery with the CDI unit, blinker relay, silicon rectifier and all engine wires disconnected and still get hot wires. I've checked that the silicon rectifier only has continuity in one direction, I've checked that the key switch functions properly, I've checked that all the handlebar switches appear to be functioning properly inside. I've checked turn signals for shorts. The brown lead to the tail light is grounded to the chassis....should this be?

I should also mention when I got this bike all the wiring appears to be in its original factory unmolested condition with no patches breaks tears repairs etc. I do have the wiring diagram for this bike and have reviewed it extensively and I still cannot find the source of my problem. All light bulbs were removed from the bike with the exception of the non removable odometer bulb. All the bulbs were blown except one blinker on each side of the bike (one in front and one in the rear)....odd but that's likely due to the bike having been run with a dead and or missing battery. I also checked the turn signal terminals for shorts and don't see any. I also checked the coils and their resistance values seem to match that of my step brother's bike. I've had this problem with this bike for years and I can't seem to sort it out and I would love some ideas/pointers if anyone might have some thoughts on things to check.

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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