Yamaha CV80 starter relay

Howdy folks,

I'm ripping into a 83 CV80 (6v system) right now and I'm having a hard time getting a new starter relay to work. The one that was on it clicked but would not switch power. I had an extra 6 volt solenoid lying around (just a cheap universal one off eBay) that I tried to hook up but ran into an issue:

The Cv80 seems to connect the ground when the starter button is pushed, instead of supplying power. With the key in the start position the starter solenoid is getting a constant power wire and then the ground wire only completes when the starter button is pressed.

For some reason though, that constant 6V supply is causing the solenoid to be constantly triggered, so with it hooked up and the key to "start" it will constantly run the starter motor, whether the start button is pressed or not.

Unfortunately, the aftermarket starter relay that was in there does not have any legible part numbers on it for me to replace.

Anybody know what I can use?

Re: Yamaha CV80 starter relay

any generic solenoid will work if it's normally open or normally closed. You may just need to rewire the button.

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