Ciao exhaust mounting

Hopefully my last question before my ciao gets stripped down and painted ..what does the spring attach to that hooks onto the loop on the exhaust? Do I have to attach a bolt using a nut onto the cylinder head studs?? Pics attached of exhaust and what I'm guessing are the bolts I need? Thanks again guys


Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

that 3rd mounts way off, just make sure your header clamp is on good, and that 13mm in the back is tight, and safety wire your baffle clamp to the exhaust so it dont rattle off n get run over.

Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

Ye I did think that it's quite a distance away from anything I can attach it to ... are the bolts in pic what are meant to be used to attach to?

Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

> Steve Davies Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> the bolts in pic what are meant to be used to

> attach to?

Those are exactly what their description states : Exhaust studs .

Meant to secure the exhaust header to the head .

Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

Ok so what is the spring meant to attach to? One of the fins on head?

Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

It could , but , apparently , it's not needed .

Re: Ciao exhaust mounting

Ok cheers I'll see how it goes

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