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> Ben Jones Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Has anyone fixed a Puch horn that isn't working? The horn body doesn't

> open to see if anything is wrong inside but, the two connections show

> less than one ohm with a multimeter so I am assuming it still works. Is

> there another way to test it? I'm not sure if the problem could be with

> the horn switch, but I'm not sure how to check that. Does anyone know

> what else could be the problem? Another problem I am having is that the

> brake light and head light both work but the tail light doesn't. I've

> checked and replaced the bulb. What could be wrong? Is the tail light

> suppose to be on whenever the moped is running? I have a 79 Sears Free

> Spirit and it runs great despite what I listed.

A puch horn is funny, the whole 6 wire 4 coil magneto ignition (ignition coil, 21w headlight and speedo coil, 10w brake light and 5w tail light coil) is different than most bikes, it has no regulator, no resistor or anything, it’s self excited and regulates itself if you use correct wattage bulbs, many people do not use correct wattage bulbs and could fry individual coils.

When you press the horn switch which is a normally closed switch it breaks the contact and then the ignition volts from ignition coil pulses to the horn making a crackling sound not a real horn sound, it’s completely different than any other kind of horn set up,

Many times the horn maybe the source of no spark so lotta times people bypass a horn by connecting the horn wires together,

The tail light has own 5w coil and needs correct 5w bulb,

Whole light assembly Has 2 wires, one for each bulb and fender/frame for ground for other wire so only one wire goes to tail light socket and one wire to brake light

if you test for volts with no bulbs and bike running the volts will be off the chart way more then 6v cause it needs a load so just check for continuity with engine off

trace back the 2 wires from tail light wiring to block/buss and try with 6v battery on each wire, (the brake light will light on one wire will light because you said it works) one of battery terminal on screw (or take wire out of buss) and other battery side to frame ground,

probably just wire pulled out of the assembly or a ground not connected correctly but if that is-no good then could be bad coil

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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