FA50 not starting after new tires


Love all the great information on these forums.

A couple months ago I got a 1983 Suzuki Shuttle. I'm new to mopeds AND repair, just wanted to say that up front.

The moped started fine and ran ok for a couple months. I had two new tires put on, and between putting them on and getting the wheels back on, I let it sit for a month or more.

Now there is no spark when I try to start it.

I thought I read on these forums that the rear wheel or brake cable had an effect on the kickstarter. Any ideas on why it would stop starting now? There is also a pretty steady leak but I don't know that it would have an effect on the moped starting.

Thanks for any ideas on how to try to fix this!

Re: FA50 not starting after new tires

Dr. Mantis Toboggan M.D. /

I'm assuming you're holding the rear brake lever when you're kicking the bike over, correct? Also, make sure the kill switch is in the ON position. You may want to clean or just replace your spark plug to make sure that's not the issue. Check to see if any of the electrical wiring got disconnected during the tire install.

Re: FA50 not starting after new tires

Neil Miller /

Thank you for the tips!

The kill switch is on, and I'm holding the rear brake lever.

I took the cap off the spark plug. I didn't remove it but it looks shiny and new. I guess the next step is to check out the wiring, like you suggest. Thanks again.

Re: FA50 not starting after new tires

there are some things to check in the wiki. fix your leak. take plug off not just cap, to check spark.

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