1977 Bianchi Bianchimatic

I’ve had this moped in my garage for years now and it’s been in my family since new (and always garaged). I had it running really well about three or four years ago, but time has come to tune it up, polish it up and say goodbye.

Aside from the usual maintenance, does anything else stand out as something I should pay attention to while I get it ready?

it’s in amazing shape for a 42 year old moped with all the bits and pieces there, right down to the NY State 1980 plate!

Any advice and or tips would be appreciated.


- Tony O


Re: 1977 Bianchi Bianchimatic

If the tires and tubes have a great many YEARS on them,you might change them out for the prospective buyer's safety.

Re: 1977 Bianchi Bianchimatic

does it snow in your garage?

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