1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster


First off let me introduce myself, I’m 15 and ever since I was 9 I’ve been fixing small engines, lawn mowers and chainsaws. Earlier Last year I was scanning Craigslist for antiques (which I buy and sell to make some spending money) and my father noticed an old moped-he explained that a family member had one and he always remembered it fondly... Next thing you know we had a 1980 AMF Roadmaster minerelli moped sitting in the garage.

I’ll post some pics later in the week.

but here is what it needs


Entire moped Rewired

carb rebuild

Throttle cable

Brake cable

Voltage regulator?

Pedals and pedal arms

New tires

Fork rebuild

Stay tuned as I go thru these systems

(ps I have 4 Puch maxis aswell that I’ll be doing repair logs on so look out for those aswell)


Re: 1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster

Good looking bike, have fun!

Re: 1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster

New forks are a must. Get rid of all the wiring and the controls too. The throttle is okay, but god the brakes feel horrible these. Super cool that it has all the plastics though! You shouldnt need a regulator on it and can get the headlight bulb at the auto parts store, just a generic 1970s seal beam. Make sure you use non detergent oil in the transmission as well.

Re: 1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster

Tommy K /
amf OP

UPDATE got a treats order with new rear brake cable and throttle cable-will install during the weekend

Re: 1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster

How has your restore gone with this bike?

I just picked one up in Kent, Ohio, about 35 miles away from home for $250. For some reason, these Minarelli bikes tend to fetch more than average, probably because AMF owned Harley around that time. One in Baltimore with 24 miles on it was once listed for $1300!

The previous owner of my bike says his won't run because the petcock is broken. This is most likely similar to "it ran when parked" but I'm crossing my fingers. Mine looks rusty, but if the odometer is still working, it has less than 200 miles on it.

Re: 1980 Amf minarelli roadmaster

I was originally excited to get mine, but after I got a good look at it, I gotta say, it's a pretty cheap looking moped.

The hand controls are plastic and look like they might break easily. The wiring harness looks very similar to that of the cheaper friction drive model, both being rather proprietary thus being harder to find parts for. The high sitting plastic fenders make it look like a dirt bike, and of course, if you drove it like one, you would trash it easily. I'm concerned that the frame is lighter than my 4 other brands of Minarelli bikes, as it feels 15 to 20 pounds lighter than a Motron, Snark, Safari, or Blanco.

Cleaned the carb, changed the plug and petcock, removed the plugged exhaust, and mine started right up. Headlight works. Can't tell if brake light switches are functioning. Sound like bearings are shot.

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