ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

Trying to get a ZA50 running (again)

New stock style 38mm cylinder

Hi comp head

Both from treats

Pressed and reamed a new bushing

Ring gap is good

15mm Bing new everything but the shell

68 jet

#1 grandpa intake

Biturbo pipe

I ran it the other day no problem (before the trans rebuild) and it died on me no wierd sounds or anything.

Grabbed the starter lever and it just locked the rear wheel and wouldn't cycle.

Cylinder came off no problem everything looks great still

Ok maybe the starter plate /clutches whatever went to shit. So I rebuilt the trans, everything was great except the pucks so I replaced them and shimmed the trans

Starter lever pulled in and the engine cycled without the jug on

Put the cylinder on not it feels like it's getting hung up on something

Re inspect the cylinder piston and ring it's all gravy

But I noticed the crank seems a little stiffer than usual and the con rod doesn't drop when I let it go, it just hangs

So bottom end is fucked or what?

Re: ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

Sounds like the rod big end bearing is done .

Re: ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

* wormdirt * /

That's what I'm thinking. I've heard that after market za cranks are doo doo so is a rebuild better off for the engine? Get a new bearing pressed in? Is this a good time to get a new con rod so I never have to press in a bushing again. Cause reaming and pressing in a bearing is bullshit

Re: ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

I can't say about ZA aftermarket as I have no experience there .

Personally , I prefer a con rod with a bearings , but , there are a lot that are bushed and preform well .

I have both in my bikes . No complaints .

Re: ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

Dirty30 Dillon /

Sounds like your shimming is off.

Re: ZA50 stiff con rod / crank

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