So I Got The Clone Carb Blues... QT50

Just before it got cold last fall I did my third complete QT50 engine rebuild. Put it away dry for the winter. So today is the first warm day to work on stuff outside. Got me some ethanol free gas, filled oil tank and crankcase, bled the lines and it started right up but idled WAY too fast. Searched for air leaks, none found. Made sure choke and throttle cable were adjusted properly. So I'm looking into carb from air cleaner side and see the throttle slide plunger isn't down as far as I think it should be, I put a small screwdriver under plunger and pushed it up and each time it sprung back to idle position it never rested at the same spot even with idle screw removed. Took the clone carb off that I had to put on to replace the original that had stuck pilot jet and warped top half and found the plunger was sticking in the bore- it already had a shiny spot in the bore where it was sticking! So next opportunity to work on it will be probably lightly sanding throttle plunger to get it to slide better, since I don't want to mess with the carb bore . Or maybe I should carefully sand the bore since that is where the problem is. Comments / ideas/ opinions welcome!

Re: So I Got The Clone Carb Blues... QT50

Get a good stock carb. Lesson learned. Back when these bikes were produced, people took pride in their work, today it is make it as cheap as you can.

Re: So I Got The Clone Carb Blues... QT50

sand as necessary, either way throttle slide or carb. i worry about the stuff i cant see, passages.

Re: So I Got The Clone Carb Blues... QT50

Bob Naske /

Fixed. Sanded the throttle bore a little and replaced the pin that attaches to throttle slider and goes into pilot jet. Seemed bent . Rode in the rain today I was so pumped!! Yay!!

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