Moped Starting Issues

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Just picked up a free moped from someone I know. In kind of rough shape. It's s SUNL SL50QT-6. Trying to get it started up. Took the carb apart first, looked good(probably had been replaced). Replaced the fuel and hooked it up to a battery. It doesn't seem to want to start with the push button at all. I cranked it over by jumping the starter solenoid terminals. No start. Made sure the carb is getting fuel and there's spark.

Some questions I have: Should the LED on the CDI light up when cranking? Should the headlight turn on when cranking? Neither of these happen currently. The bike has one of those "performance" CDI's and I don't trust that it's working, had a buddies bike with one and after a couple hours of trouble shooting found out it was junk. Also trying to determine if the stator is bad.

Next can someone tell me if these wire are supposed to go together? If not, what're they for?

Can someone confirm for me if this is a GY6 engine?

Re: Moped Starting Issues

Pics ???

Re: Moped Starting Issues

Dat's a scooter bro. Find a scooter forum.

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