Lock and muffler

Hi everyone

I just bought a 2002 tomos Sprint. I'm looking for a few things. One being a fork lock I just drilled mine out.

Does anyone know where to buy them in the states it looks like the one treetland has but it's listed as 2003 and newer. Does anyone know if that will work?

Second question is what's the quietest muffler I can buy? There's a biturbo muffler on it now, I know it's probably gives it more speed but I prefer to be quite as possible. Haha

I have also read that most upjet when they upgrade mufflers what is the stock jet on a tomos Sprint mine didnt come with a manual and how do I tell of they even changed the jet?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Re: Lock and muffler

get a heavy duty lock, stock w stock filter with stock quiet exhaust a 52 or 55.

Re: Lock and muffler

Thank you. How do I tell what number jet is in there now? When I tried taking it out it seemed to be just the head of the jet/screw.

Re: Lock and muffler

Remove carb. Remove bowl. That brass thing in the center is the jet...should be tiny numbers on it.

Re: Lock and muffler

Yes in the center I've taken it out but from the photos and videos I've seen the look like a long screw with holes in the stem not just the screw head?

Re: Lock and muffler

That's the atomizer. It's in there past the jet.

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