QT50 pW50 stator op...

After searching far and wide for information about using a PW50 stator on my QT50, I haven't really found any answers for the other parts of this PW50 stator.

I know I'm supposed to flip my charge coil to use it on my QT50 stator.

**I'm wondering if I can use the other parts of this PW50 stator.

It's a horror show inside there! Goddamn it's Carnage! there's rust everywhere! it's insane. I still have pretty good magnetic force in the flywheel itself. those magnets need to be cleaned so bad. It's like they came from Mars. Little bit scouring, maybe some electronics cleaner or some rubbing alcohol to help. I'm going to put a magnet on a toothbrush and scrub that shit. Pull more rust-metal off that way, I think....

If anybody's wondering, everything on my moped is original. my charge coil was covered in rust clumps. I think that poor little baby shot for shit. Moped hasn't stayed running in a consistent way for a while. Nobody ever got this deep into it. I'm really glad for that because the woodruff key and the shaft look beautiful on this side.

#I know I got to get to the other side at some point and see what the hell is going on regarding my gear slip kick start issue.

It looks like the other parts inside my flywheel on my QT50 stator are going to crap out on me. Help, moped army Brothers!

Re: QT50 pW50 stator op...

Jack Rutherford /

Light coil shouldn't work from pw to qt. Pulse coil maybe.

btw, On Amazon, a seller of the pw50 stator said, "to move it forward, swap the white line with the white/red stripe line.” I assume he means advance the timing.

Re: QT50 pW50 stator op...

All right.

It's good to know these things. I just wanted to hold off putting that flywheel back together after I flip my PW50 stator part into the moped.

I just had fears of the other parts being crappy but they don't look as bad as the part I'm going to take out! This has clumps of rust and some of it penetrated the plastic or polystyrene covering that the coil itself had.

I guess it's not as bad as I thought trying to get that thing apart without a proper flywheel holding tool to get the damn retaining nut off.

I used a really big ass pair of needle-nose vise grips that fit pretty nicely in there and it braced against the foot peg. not recommended unless you're pretty savvy with vice grips. I came away with very little signs as to what I used.

I'm going to flip that part, resolder and put that thing back together. I want to hear this baby running again!

Thanks again for your help, Jack! Much appreciated

Re: QT50 pW50 stator op...

Jack Rutherford /

piston stop will come in handy on many future occasions. Might as well get one. Treatland sells the flywheel tool as well.

Re: QT50 pW50 stator op...

I have an extra flywheel on the shelf in good clean shape if you want! 20 bucks shipped

Re: QT50 pW50 stator op...

Requesting information on timing?

My 79 is acting up.

Changed the stator.

Swapped carburetor from the 84 over to this and gave the 84 the carb from the 79.

The 84 purrs like a kitten.

The 79 will not start with the 84 carburetor.

Clone carburetor is a piece of shit and when it does start it sounds great but once you try to put it to the road nothing really good happens. Bogging ass

It wants to die oh, it floods out and won't go faster than 5

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